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Mimecast Email Defense

Memicast Email Security with the most comprehensive cloud-based solution provides to the organization.Mimecast Email Security protect email from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks delivered as a 100% cloud-based service.

Why Mimecast Email Solution?

Email is TOP application channel being used to communicate to everyone in each organization worldwide. Without email system we are spineless and it’s also the favorite silk route for cyberattacks and 80% cyberattack is being imposed through email. So, how to protect, manage and archive without compromise.

Indubitable, Mimecast is a one stop shop for Email Management security for enterprise organization. If your organization looking for robust cloud based security email solution, Mimecast is fit in your expectation and unified into one service in the cloud.

Mimecast is an international company specializing and exists since very long in email management, cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, including Email security, archiving, and continuity services to protect, manage and archive without compromise.

Mimecast provides an integrated cloud suite to comprehensively manage the email risks of security, archiving and business continuity. Mimecast Email Security Protection defends organizations from phishing, ransomware, Email Virus and other targeted attacks.

Cloud Mimecast

Mimecast Email Security is a cloud-based service providing comprehensive enterprise-grade email protection defending your organization against all email-born threats and keep safe your origination from External and internal threat and attacks.

With Mimecast, your organization can breathe easy knowing you have the best email protection available.

Mimecast Email Security is designed to address the most complex email threats, providing a level of protection allowing you to focus on what is most important, your organization.

The Challenge for Organization

Above 90% of hacking attacks are begin with phishing and spam email and hackers used this route most of time to trap end users. So the question is are you’re aware and what is planning to resistances ready?

Organization can’t afford disruptions in business – Security breaches cost organizations in many ways, including reputation. Organizational heads dread explaining to customers, stockholders, and the media how sensitive information got into the wrong hands. So it more difficult to rebuild the trust you lost after a security breach has arose in the organization.

The majority of inbound email is categorized as spam and phishing. With volumes that high, protecting against routine spam and commodity malware is important, but you will need to do more to address targeted attacks.

Most current email security systems were not designed for this level of defense. So you may be defending your organization with limiting technology. Is this part of the excuse you want to tell your customers when a security breach happens?

Mimecast Email Defense Against:


The Mimecast solution helps organizations likes yours prevent email-borne ransomware as well as protect email system from downtime or data loss.

Phishing Attack

Above 90% of attacks imposed by sophisticated cybercriminals start through email. Most email security solutions stop spam and basic or well-known malware, but fail to address the bigger email-borne threats such as Spam and phishing facing your organization.


Protects against social‐engineering heavy attacks that attempt to impersonate your executives and staff to fraudulently extract money or data from your unsuspecting users.

Internal email threats

To combat email threats that are already inside your organization, Mimecast provides Internal Email Protect, a threat monitoring and remediation service for internally generated email.

Internal Email Protect includes the scanning of attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links as well as content filtering enforced by Data Leak Prevention services.

In addition, Internal Email Protect can automatically delete infected emails and attachments from employees’ inboxes.

Secure Email Gateway

It used to be that secure email gateways with anti-spam and anti-virus security services were enough to keep an organization safe from email borne attacks.

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway takes a different approach to email security and protects organizations from both spam and commodity attacks as well as more targeted and sophisticated ones.

URL Protect

The use of malicious URLs in email-borne spear phishing attacks is now standard operating-procedure for cybercriminals.

When combined with smart, well-researched social engineering content, getting employees to click on links is easy for attackers and can lead directly to credential stealing, malware drops, or the loss of other sensitive data. Furthermore, keeping end users aware and accountable can be difficult to manage.

Malicious websites come and go very quickly, and thus it is critical to check them at the time of click, every click, while educating users along the way. This is exactly what Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect does.

Attachment Protect

Malware remains a significant threat. Sophisticated attackers, or their malware development partners, are constantly innovating to take advantage of both known and unknown vulnerabilities that exist in targeted organizations. Signature-based anti-virus systems alone cannot keep up with this innovation as there are multiple techniques that malware writers use to bypass their detection.

The best anti-malware strategy implements an adaptable approach and applies multiple analytic techniques to each file to filter out malicious email attachments.

This is exactly the approach that Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Attachment Protect uses to protect organizations from email borne malware.

Email Virus Protection

Email virus protection continues to be a security priority as new viruses and threats emerge almost daily. The best solutions provide 100% email virus protection to prevent even a single threat from disrupting business, causing downtime and damaging productivity.

But email virus protection is no longer enough to keep your organization safe from threats. From advanced threats like email phishing, spear-phishing and zero-day attacks to spam and malware, your email security system must offer multi-layered protection, mitigating known threats and emerging risks.

Final Words

The Mimecast cloud-based service means always-on, always up-to-date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional offerings.

Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection uses multiple, sophisticated, detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources to protect email from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks delivered as a 100% cloud-based service.

Author: Ronnie Singh

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