Concept of IoT – Internet of Things

IoT – Internet of Things

Anything you can connect on the internet called IoT. 

IoT- Internet of Things is term which refers to connect everything on Internet, include any object, machine those represent themselves digitally.

IoT is an umbrella of connecting any digitally smart device such as phone, laptop, digital smart watch, air conditioner, refrigerator, home, camera anything from pen to spacecraft and even war weapon is too there.

Technology of network communication adds a level of digital intelligence to devices, merging them into physical to digital worlds of internet and we called them smart devices which can monitor, control and managed from remotely anywhere in the world.

Now the landscape of internet is growing rapidly and expand the communication between M2M, Machin to Machine, Machine to Men, machine to mobile. Internet of Things IoT is becoming massive connectivity of objects and machines merging in the internet world.

How IoT (Internet of Things) Connecting -:

Thanks to Internet, computer, cheap processors and wireless networks. There are different way of connectivity to IoT. Any device digitally enabled connect with the following technology is become an IoT and collecting and sharing data with each other devices over the internet/network.

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. GPS
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Cellular Network – High-speed internet 4G and 5G , high-speed broadband internet connection
  5. Cloud – Google cloud
  6. APPs/Software.

Scope of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is rapidly growing and emerging technology which expending us on internet world and IoT has already become a huge part of everyday life, without many of us even recognizing it.

We already adopted it. IoT has a great future, it’s give the great form to human life with more intelligent, pace and controlled.

Today everywhere we hear a term IoT, many big brand, company, big customer base endorsing the IoT.

IOT is being implemented in smart city, Environment, Process, agriculture, home automation and healthcare.

Recent research from NASSCOM, the global market size of IOT is expected to touch USD 3 trillion by 2020. In this landscape, startups are playing the biggest role in enabling IOT services in the consumer as well as the industrial segment. In India, there are more than 60 percent start-ups working on the lines of IOT with their highly technical and technological skills.

Advantages of IoT (Internet of Things)

  1. Quick communication and precise information Fast communication between devices over the internet. Device stay connected and give accurate and transparent data in quick time, current and historical data available anytime. Human can take quick decision based on fact and figures.
  2. Automation and Control – The biggest advantage of IoT is Control and monitoring. Human is facilitates with automation and control their stuff anytime, anywhere. He can monitor and control the things from anywhere in few seconds. For instance, if you left the home/office with switched on light, aircondiner is on working or you want to check you’re security camera.
  3. Cost and Time Saving – IoT is biggest advantage is cost and time saving. Active monitoring, Triggering alerts on time. Optimum utilization of energy and resources will same our cost and time.
  4. Live’s Better Life – All the applications of this technology culminate in increased comfort, convenience, and better management, thereby improving the quality of life.

Disadvantages of IoT (Internet of Things)

  1. Security on toss -: IoT is everything on internet as all the household appliances, industrial machinery, public sector services like water supply, power and transport, and many more. Devices all are connected to the Internet, a lot of information is available on it. If the device get compromised and information is prone to attack by hackers. It would be very tragic if private and confidential information is accessed by unauthorized intruders.
  2. Technology Addicted – : Day by day our lives will be gradually controlled by IoT technology, and will be more technology dependent. The kids and younger generation will be more addicted to technology for every little thing. We have to decide how much of our daily lives are we willing to mechanize and be controlled by technology.
  3. Technology Complication – : IoT is complex and massive system, there are more opportunities of failure. Any failure or bugs and Virus in the software or hardware will lead serious consequences. Even, single failure can cause a lot of inconvenience or effect other system a well.

Conclusion IoT (Internet of Things):

There is no uncertainty, IoT is rapidly and fast growing technology is in touch our daily life. IoT has become a huge play in our everyday life, without many of us even realizing it. A coin has 2 sides and two opinions. It has brighter side or darker side, everything has Pros and Cons. It is up to us to decide how much of our daily lives are we willing to be controlled by technology. If done correctly though, it will automatically adapt to our needs and benefit society as a whole.

Author: Ronnie Singh

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