Public Cloud Connectivity Option – Cloud To On-Premises Connectivity

Public Cloud Connectivity

Public Cloud Connectivity – 

Enterprise are continuously adopting the public cloud services, while cloud is new concept and are in early stage but pace of migration is accelerating.

Today, Cloud services are in demanding, organisation are moving their business applications to the cloud platform.While moving the application payload to cloud space, the most challenging part to choose is network connectivity types to cloud.Public cloud providers AWS , Azure and Google provides variety of network connectivity types such as Internet , IPsec VPN service and private MPLS connection type like direct connect and express route services into the cloud.

Initially when organisations start cloud services they prefer to opting public internet connection or IPsec VPN over the internet to connect their on-premises network application to the cloud platform.Internet and ipsec vpn are cheaper network connectivity solution in term of Backup network connection.However, big giant enterprise companies are prefer to use dedicated network connection such as Direct connect from AWS , Express route from Azure and Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect from Google.


Internet is everywhere connectivity option that on initial stage customer can use to connect cloud hosted resource.However, Cloud provider provides basic firewall feature integrated with cloud subscription like AWS VPC security Group and Azure NSG.Since,Everybody know that Internet is insecure , unreliable connection which is good option to be  considered as backup connectivity option in case primary dedicated connection goes down.

VPN – 

IPsec connectivity is great option for the customer who need secure and cheep connectivity to cloud network, Instead If you don’t need low latency and high availability.

Public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure provide IPSec connections directly into the cloud.IPsec connection build on internet and provide secure encrypted channel end to end.VPN provide secure and cheep connection but if the application need certain bandwidth, latency , jitter in that case IPsec VPN over the internet might not be the best solution.This option can be considered as backup connection in case primary dedicated connection goes gown.

AWS Direct Connect –

AWS offer direct connect service to the cloud customer as per their need.Direct connect is a private dedicated connection link from AWS cloud to customer premises in order to establish a secure , private and dedicated link between AWS cloud to the customer location such as datacenter, office and colocation.

Direct connect substantially reduced overall operation run cost, increase bandwidth throughput and more provide more consistence network connectivity than internet based connection.

1. AWS Direct connect reduce you network operation cost if you need heavy workload transfer.

2. AWS Direct connect establish private connection to cloud network.

3. AWS Direct connect service is quickly and easily deployed, single management console to manage your all connection.

4. AWS Direct connect is flexible easy scalable connection, Bandwidth provide 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

5. AWS Direct connect is a consistence connection and provide better experience over the internet connection.

6. AWS Direct connect is compatible with all type of AWS service.

Azure ExpressRoute – 

Microsoft Azure also offer ExpressRoute service like AWS direct connect.Azure ExpressRoute is a private dedicated link between Azure cloud Data Centre to on-premises Data-Center and colocation.With ExpressRoute customer can also connect to Email o365 SaaS cloud and Azure cloud subscription.Azure ExpressRoute provide secure , dedicated and consistence connectivity to cloud network and significantly you will see the overall cost reduction in the reoccurring running operation.

1. Azure ExpressRouter provide private connection from On-Premises to Cloud Network.

2. Azure ExpressRoute reduce over all network operation cost.

3. Azure ExpressRouter provide consistence, increased reliability, lower latency and high-throughput connection.

4. Azure ExpressRoute provide bandwidth up to 100 Gbps connection.

5. Azure ExpressRoute Connect Directly to your WAN network.

Google Interconnect –

Google Interconnect is a dedicated direct physical connection from google cloud to on-premises customer network.Physical dedicated connection enable the customer to transfer larger amount of data between networks.

Google interconnect is a cross connect connection between the google cloud network and on-premises customer router.You can use Dedicated Interconnect to connect directly to Google or use Partner Interconnect to connect to Google through a supported service provider.

1. Google Interconnect provides low latency and high availability connection.

2. Google Interconnect provide a dedicated private connection from Google cloud to On-Premises.

3. Google Interconnect Provide high-throughput connection with capacity 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps up to 8 x 10 Gbps interconnect.

4. Google Interconnect provide private IP connectivity (RFC 1918) directly from on-premises Network.

5. Google Interconnect is easily scale-up you connection capacity requirement.

Author: Ronnie Singh

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