How to generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from F5 Load Balancer.

Please follow the steps as mentioned below :

CSR (Certificate Signing Request) require procuring the SSL certificate from SSL certificate authority. In order to generate the CSR you would be required following details from website or portal administrator. The CSR is use to verify and create your SSL certificate

  1. Common Name (Domain Name)
  2. Division
  3. Organization
  4. Locality
  5. State Or Province
  6. Country


A CSR contains information such as your organization name,  domain name, Locality. While creating CSR you need to be filled out all the above details and submitted the CSR to a certificate authority. You can buy the SSL certificate from Comodo , Trustwave , GoDaddy , Entrust. 

Steps to create the CSR from F5 LBR -:

  1. Login into F5 BIG-IP device (through Web GUI)
  2. Under the System  ››  File Management : SSL Certificate List
  3. Click on Create Button



Fill the CSR Form-:

  • You Needs to give the Name (Friendly name) under the General Properties

Note -: Make sure you will choose certificate authority option as Issuer (Under the Certificate Properties)
Fill all the receptive details as mentioned below -:

  • Common Name (Domain Name)
  • Division
  • Organization
  • Locality
  • State Or Province
  • Country
  • Click on Finish Button



Next -:

  • Copy the Request Text from the box
  • Paste the text into notepad and save the file
  • Click on Finished button.



Note -: Ensure that you will Sync Device to Group before logout from BIG-IP F5  LBR.


Author: Ronnie

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